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What is DOI?

It is a non-repetitive and constant group of characters, numbers, symbols, special characters and words linked with online journals, articles, books and many more intellectual digital works for a perpetual period.

It works as a permanent web address just as a URL for research papers/articles/books, like any other website URL. By clicking on it, an authorized person can access the e-resources online quickly, without thinking about other complexity.

DOI can be attached to:

  • Academic journal articles
  • Research reports
  • Governmental reports
  • Data sets
  • Books
  • Conference proceedings
  • Code
  • Media
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Importance of DOI

DOI is used for permanently citing the documents in www. You may say research articles can be accessed via the publisher-provided URLs, but what happens if the publisher’s website may lose its domain or may find some technical problems in hosting?
When the digital document cannot be accessed via the URL provided by the publisher, in such a scenario, DOI is the only solution for accessing the document. DOIs make it easier to retrieve your digital document.

We can say that DOI is more stable than standard web links. Attaching DOI with the research documents or any other digital object will boost your citation count.
To summarize, it would be good to write here: “DOI resolves the problem of finding digital objects online at the fingertips”.

DOI Examples

  • doi:10.1080/8585748585.2022.1770549

How to get DOI?

To get DOI, you must register with the agencies affiliated with International DOI Foundation. One such leading agency is crossref. Approved agencies are responsible for maintaining the database of DOI. Many times, DOI is also termed as Crossref DOI due to the popularity of crossref. Crossref offered two types of the account by which you can have DOI:
Direct Account – Apply as an independent member
Indirect Account – Under the Sponsored Member
To know more about the Crossref DOI.


What is DOI?

DOI is a permanent weblink of a digital object used to easily locate the concerned object on WWW.

What is the use of DOI?

DOI is used to cite the research papers in the reference part. It provide the pin point reference for the readers and reviewers. 

Is DOI mandatory for research papers?

No, DOI is not compulsory, but it is good to have a thing.

Why is DOI important for research articles?

DOI helps in finding the research paper very easily on the internet.

What is the difference between DOI & URL?

URL is bound to the domain system and hosting server, whereas DOI is the facility from independent servers infrastructure. Therefore, the URL may not work in case of failure in the hosting environment or the publisher does not renew DNS. DOI is immune from the problems which URL faces.

Can I get free DOI?

Yes, using Zenodo, you can get free DOI. To know more, click here>>

What is the disadvantage of free DOI?

DOI acquired from free sources may include the source’s name in the DOI link. i.e. DOI from Zenedo will have Zenedo in the URL rather than the customized name of the journal or publication house.

What is Crossref DOI?

DOI acquired from Crossref is known as Crossref DOI. Just name is different but the same as DOI. No technical difference between DOI & Crossref DOI.

What is Crossref?

It is an affiliated DOI agency with International DOI Foundation, which can assign and manage DOI for digital objects.

What is the price of Crossref DOI?

It may vary from one sponsored partner to another and the type of account you have. In case of indirect account under the sponsored partner, one DOI may cost you between 160/- to 170/- INR. You may have to pay the yearly charges between 1000/- to 3000/- INR. These charges may go higher in case of direct account.

How to get DOI?

To get DOI, you must register with international DOI Foundation agencies. For example, Crossref. Then via such agencies, you can have DOI.

What is Crossref sponsored partner of DOI?

Crossref DOI can be avail via 2 kinds of attachment with the Crossref. (1) Independent Direct account (2) Indirect account under independent account holder. So, if you choose 2nd type of attachment with Crossref, then the party between you and Crossref is called the “Crossref sponsored partner of DOI“.

Who can have an independent account with Crossref?

Bulk users can afford to have a direct independent account with Crossref. However, it may cost you USD 275 / year.

Who can have an Indirect account with Crossref?

Those with moderately lower DOI requirements can register via sponsored partner with Crossref. I.e. 25-70 DOI per year.

Which are the other DOI agencies?

Other than the Crossref, you may find several other agencies by clicking on the link: