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Migrate to OJS from any platform

Migration means if you are using any other Journal platform and you would like to move to Open Journal System then this process is called Migration. We can help you to migrate not just your papers but also publishers, their links, and all the SEO settings. Over 10000+ leading journals are using the Open Journal System these days. OJS has proven architecture for peer-reviewed journals & as per guidelines given by leading indexers (i.e WOS, Scopus). This architecture helps OJS to get indexed your online research papers very quickly for the public indexers.

OJS Migration FAQ

What is journal migration?

Taking your online journal database from one web technology platform to another web technology platform.

What is journal migration in the context of OJS?

It is the process of bringing your existing online journal database from one web technology platform to the OJS platform.

What are the types of journal migration?

It could be anything from; 
Closed Source Platforms to Open Source Platforms
Open Source Platforms to Closed Source Platforms
Closed Source Platforms to Closed Source Platforms
Open Source Platforms to Open Source Platforms

Why one should migrate his/her journal to the OJS?

OJS is a world-renowned open-source platform for hosting an online open-access peer-reviewed journal, which is made according to the guideline of the world’s leading journal indexing agencies.

What is the main advantage of OJS migration?

Hosted journals get automatically indexed by public indexers like Google scholar, Research gate, academia, etc. Public-indexed journals get much more attention from the research community across the globe.

What is the cost of migrating to the OJS?

It depends on, what you expect from your new website in terms of design, layout, and features. It also depends on the amount of data being migrated.

Can I migrate my journal to OJS on my own?

No, you cannot do this task, unless you have deep knowledge and experience in web development technologies. This task involves a lot of technical complexities, that may cause damage to your crucial information.

How many journals have been hosted on OJS so far?

More than 25,000 journals (according to Public Knowledge Project) have been hosted so far on the OJS.

Can I migrate my journal back to my earlier platform from the OJS?

Yes, you can migrate your journal back to your desired platform, under experienced technical supervision.

Can I add functionalities to my journal after the migration?

Yes, you can add your desired functionalities in form of plugins. Many free plugins are available for the OJS. You can also create plugins from the scratch by hiring plugin development agencies.