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OJS 2 vs OJS 3: Understanding the Differences and Benefits

Open Journal System has currently 2 active versions. OJS 2 and OJS 3. To enjoy the latest features and editorial workflow settings, an upgrade to OJS 3 is needed.

How to Merge Two Journals with One Open Journal System

A single open journal system for journals from the same publishers makes a huge impact on journal management. Let's know more about how to merge them.

What is Open Access Journal Publishing?

Contents of open-access journal publishing don't require a paid subscription to access it or in some cases to download. It is free and open to access.

6 Steps of Deposit DOI in Crossref

In the research field, you need to know the answer of "What is DOI?". DOI is crucial to cite articles easily. The blog will teach you to deposit DOI in the Crossref.

How to Upgrade Open Journal System from OJS 3.x to OJS 3.3.0-13

it is very essential to keep an open journal system up to date. Frequent upgrade makes it secure enough to fight threats. Let's upgrade to OJS 3.3.0-13.

What is a Free Open Journal System (OJS) Upgrade?

Despite being open source, Open Journal System releases frequent upgrades to enrich the system with features and security majors. To know more read full blog.

What is ISSN Number? How to Apply for Free ISSN?

ISSN number is a unique identifier given to serials such as newspapers, journals, magazines, or weekly. ISSN number operates at the international level.

How to Get Free Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

With the help of Zenodo, CERN, and OpenAIRE, you can get free DOI in just 5 minutes. To get free DOI, please read this article.

How do Open Journal System Themes Affect SEO?

Open Journal System (OJS) themes for journal website plays a vital role to rank higher in search engine. OJS themes are not for looks only.

What is Journal Indexing and Why is it Important?

Journal indexing is the process by which academic journals are evaluated and included in various databases or indexes. We can say it is the quality marker.

What is Free OMP (Open Monograph Press)?

The Open Monograph Press is an open-source platform used as a tool to manage the book publishing task very effectively and efficiently.

What are Free Open Preprint Systems (OPS)?

The Open Preprint Systems is an open-source software, used to manage the preprint of articles. Preprint means research articles that are not published.

What is DOI and Why is it Important in Scholarly Publishing?

Answer to the burning question what is DOI? is a group of characters and numbers attached to an article to locate in WWW irrespective of URL.

What is an Open Journal System and How Does it Work?

Any open journal system is a very valuable tool to better manage scientific content. There is no better way to advance globally than to be able to organize knowledge in an appropriate way.