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What is Open Access Journal Publishing?

Anything which doesn't require any prior permission, license, subscription, or fee payment is called open access. In simple language, the content which is open access is free to consume. In other words, you can say that it is a way of conveying information (in digital form) free of cost via the Internet.

Top Features of Open Journal System (OJS) in 2023 for Open Access Journal Website.

Entry of the OJS into the WWW makes the research digitization very efficient and manageable. As a result, many like to have these research articles at their fingertips, which means in the form of journal websites, specifically open-access journals. Access to research documentation in the form of a research article has become much easier than it was 10 years ago.

How to Diposite DOI in Crossref?

For depositing the DOI, you need to have either of below stated two types of associations with the Crossref. We can also name these associations as a type of user account opened with the Crossref.

How to upgrade Open Journal System (OJS)?

Welcome to the step-by-step guide for upgrading from OJS version 3. x to OJS-3.3.0-13. This process requires a lot of care, time, and patience as it involves much complexity. An expert must do this upgrade, as you might need some help. There are many chances of losing valuable information, so I urge you to hire an expert agency with good experience in this field.

What is Open Journal System (OJS) Upgrade? Why upgrade is necessary for the Open Journal System…

OJS upgrade is a process of migrating from the older version to the latest version, to make the hosted websites function very well in the area of security, reliability, responsiveness, GUI, and communication. The main focus of the upgrade procedure is always better security and reliability. Shortly, you can say that this is the exercise to keep the system up to date for upcoming challenges and demands.

What is ISSN? How to apply for ISSN?

ISSN is an abbreviation of International Standard Serial Number. It is a unique identifier or unique identification number or unique identification code given to serials such as Journals, Newspapers, Newsletters, Directories, Yearbooks, Annual Reports, Monograph series, Magazines, etc.

How can I get free DOI? 

If you are reading this blog, I assume that you are feeling pain for paying a reasonable amount for the DOI (Digital Object Identifier). So, I am giving a surety that you eventually get relief after going through below mentioned steps.

Does Journal’s website theme affect SEO? How does Journal Indexing increase the page ranking in…

The website's looks and feels play a very important role in reducing the bounce rate. Ultimately good user experience helps to hold the website visitor for a longer period of time and eventually enhances the webpage's reputation according to search engine optimization guidelines.

What is Journal Indexing? Why Journal Indexing is important for Open Access Journal?

It is the conceptual measurement instrument, which measures the degree of goodness of an online journal. Basically, it sets certain standards and quality parameters for a journal to pass. The journal which surpasses the decided thresholds for qualifying can be called an “indexed journal(s)”. A journal index is also termed a ‘bibliographic database’ or ‘bibliographic index’

What is OMP (Open Monograph Press)?

It is a very robust open-source platform, which primary task is to avail the functionality by which book publishing tasks can become hassle-free. This software has a very good capability to manage and publish scholarly books. 

What is Open Preprint System (OPS)? How does it differ from Open Journal Systems (OJS)?

It is a very robust open-source platform, which primary task is to avail the functionality by which preprint management of research papers can become hassle-free. This software has a very good capability to manage research papers that are not published.

What is DOI ( Digital Object Identifier)? how to find DOI?

It is a non-repetitive, and constant group of characters, numbers, symbols, special characters and words, linked with online journals, articles, books and many more intellectual digital works for a perpetual time period.

What is OJS (Open Journal System)?

Any open journal system is a very valuable tool to better manage scientific content. There is no better way to advance globally than to be able to organize knowledge in an appropriate way.

Beginners guide to start a new Journal with Open Journal System

Starting a new journal was costly and time consuming till the emergence of An Open Journal System (OJS) - A open source Journal management system. Here in this article we will explain the step by step process to start a new Journal on your own.