What is Free OMP (Open Monograph Press)?

How does OMP (Open Monograph Press) differ from OJS (Open Journal System)?

To initialize I would say, OMP (Open Monograph Press) and OJS (Open Monograph System) are kind of free or you can say open-source software. This software is developed and managed by PKP ( Public Knowledge Project). OMP is released under the open-source GPL v2 license.

PKP is an initiative of multiple universities to provide open-source software to the world research community, to bring scholarly publishing under one umbrella as far as the World Wide Web is concerned. 

PKP All Softwaresz

PKP not only has OMP and OJS, but it also provides software like OPS( Open Preprint Systems) and OHS (Open Harvester Systems). In this section, we will only talk about OMP.

What is OMP (Open Monograph Press)?

Open Monograph Press

It is a very robust open-source platform, which primary task is to avail the functionality by which book publishing tasks can become hassle-free. This software has a very good capability to manage and publish scholarly books. 

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To make the explanation very clear I am penning down the all functionalities heading below which are offered by OMP. In the later part, you will find detailed functionalities.

  • Overall book publishing management, which involves
    • Editorial Workflow, which involves:
      • Monographs
      • Edited Volumes
      • Scholarly Editions
      • Internal & Eternal
        • Review,
        • Editing,
        • Cataloging,
        • Production,
        • Publishing

OMP can also work as a stand-alone website with multiple functionalities like catalogs, distribution support, and sales support.

Which are the functionalities provided by OMP (Open Monograph Press)?

  • Different authors for each chapter handle edited volumes.
  • It involves stakeholders with no complexity like;
    • Editors
    • Authors
    • Reviewers
    • Designers
    • Indexers
  • The complex process of the internal and external review process is handled with ease. Even multiple rounds of review are easily handled.
  • In spite of being open-source software, it also incorporates services from the industry standards like ONIX, which is an expert in handling metadata requirements for major online plates like amazon. 
  • Log document libraries are also provided to manage submissions, recording contracts, and other permissions.
  • Proper thumbnail covers are shown in the catalog and Spotlight features so website visitors can be attracted to the particular book.
  • Fee-based service that provides the installation and hosting of OMP.
  • Daily backups of your data, 
  • Applying security patches 
  • Periodical upgrades, 
  • priority answering your support questions. 

How does OMP (Open Monograph Press) differ from OJS (Open Journal System)?


As far as the birth of these two software systems is concerned, they share the common goal of “Management of Scholarly Research Work & Publishing them online”. The area in which they operate to manage the resources makes them different from each other.

Both software originated from a common platform run by the Public Knowledge Project (PKP), which is known for its non-profit nature and availing subscription-less, customizable various research-oriented software management systems. User can decorate their websites made by such platforms very easily and of course free of cost. This software holds the GNU General Public License (GPL v3) 

The primary goal of PKP is to initiate the OMP to make book publishing very easy for non-technical background people. It has a very simple and self-explanatory workflow.

OMP Workflow

The main focus of OJS is to grab the attention of the research community, spread across the world. It provides services to individuals as well as the institute to host an open-access journal with a simplified editorial workflow. As more than 10000 open-access journals already have been hosted using OJS, it is very popular amongst the research community.

What is Free OMP (Open Monograph Press)? 1


OMP is basically an open-source software, that is free for anyone to use with customization for publishing scholarly books online. It is developed by the Public Knowledge Project (PKP). Where the software is free to download or modify. Both software is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL v3). It is the one-stop solution for managing complex book publishing tasks.

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