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Upgrade to OJS 3 for your Open Journal System & get latest OJS updates

The Public Knowledge Project has developed an open source Journal Management system called Open Journal Systems (OJS) under the open source GPL v2 license for managing and publishing scholarly.

Though it provides tutorials and videos about Journal setup through OJS and upgrading OJS, it is still a little difficult for non-technical people to manage it.

So we at OJSCloud, help Journal owners to Setup Journals With OJS, Help them to upgrade the current Open Journal System to OJS 3, and migrate to OJS from another platform..

Open Journal System Setup

OJS is open source and anyone can use it. PKP has done their best on creating instructions and videos to setup journals using OJS but still, the installation of OJS requires little technical knowledge.

We setup Journal using an open journal system with simplicity and transparency and make sure that your journals have the fastest load time with our advanced cloud OJS hosting. We strive to add features to your journal publishing process to give the best user experience to visitors and increase your journal readership as much as possible. We offer you the choice of a Free OJS Theme in our pool.

We help you publish your journals quickly and effortlessly and attract the community of scholars right after publishing. We aim to make your OJS Websites look professional and of high quality to the readers. With OJS, Indexing of Journals to various leading indexers (i.e Google Scholar) is very quick compared to other platforms, and with our managed OJS hosting this becomes even faster.

OJS Upgrade

Maintaining your Open Journal System through regular updates is an obligatory procedure to make sure that the installed ojs is optimized and is secured against fraudulent activities. Upgrading your OJS ensures that you get the maximum benefits of additional features such as the mobile support and security of your online journals through OJS Updates. Upgrading your OJS is also recommended by the top Google Scholars.

OJS Upgrades from OJS 2 to OJS 3 involve several complex procedures and are usually performed by experienced professionals with enormous technical knowledge to achieve success and run your OJS websites smoothly. Our OJS experts undertake your OJS upgrade with the utmost care and make sure that you do not come up with any problems in the future.

With OJS Hosting you do not have to worry about OJS Upgrade tasks, because we keep the OJS up-to-date on our servers to make you worry-free about OJS upgrades and their consequences.

Benefits you get with OJS Upgrades

  • Modern user experience : OJS 3 comes with modern theme architecture which help designing mobile responsive OJS themes
  • Advanced functionality : PKP and the whole community is doing their best to keep adding new demanded functionality needed for the publishing industry time by time and with OJS upgrades you will keep getting these functionality ongoing.
  • Security up-to-date : Security is a major concern for the research journals and this has been seriously taken care of by PKP through their regular OJS updates for security to keep OJS secure against the latest attacks.
  • Reliability of application : With significant improvement in ingredient technologies used for OJS, OJS also needs to keep up-to-date to be compatible with these technologies. PKP and the community have always been upfront on advancing OJS compatibility with the external environment through frequent OJS updates.
  • Extraordinary performance : Experience and performance becomes a key indicator for any OJS website these days and this has been very well taken care of in every OJS update released. Along with fixing bugs, the community also focuses on getting rid of slow moving components out of the application to make OJS websites faster.

OJS Upgrade FAQ

What is an upgrade?

An upgrade is essentially a never-ending process of bringing the software up to date and equipping it to meet market expectations. It involves the addition of recent advancements and problem-solving for the existing software systems.

What is an OJS upgrade?

It is a process of installing a new stable (long-term support) release of the OJS version to make your system robust enough to meet the current demand and it can defend itself from security threats.

What are the main advantages of the OJS upgrade?

It can overcome the foreseen technical glitches present in previous versions and also add new functionalities. Upgrade also makes the OJS system secure enough from web attacks.

Is OJS upgrade free?

Yes, it is free if you have knowledge of web technology. Otherwise, you need to higher experts in this field, who may charge you for the said service.

Can I upgrade OJS on my own?

Yes, if you know web development technology and have enough technical experience. Otherwise, you need to higher technical experts.

Is it compulsory to upgrade the OJS?

No, you can stick with the older versions as long as PKP keeps on support of that particular version. However, it is desirable to upgrade the OJS to keep it secure and functionalities rich.

Is the OJS upgrade safe for my custom plugins?

Yes, the OJS upgrade is safe for the inbuilt plugin as well as custom plugins. However, you need to check the plugin functionalities after the upgrade. Some may not work, but with little effort will fix it.

Can I reverse the OJS upgrade?

Yes, you can, however, it is not recommended, because some of the features of a hosted website may not work on the older version.

What is the most recent version of the OJS?

OJS 3.3.0-13 LTS is the latest version released on 04th October 2022.

From where can I download the latest version?

You can download it from the official website( of PKP.

Which is the most important thing needs to take care of during the upgrade?

You need to have a complete backup of your database. Because the upgrade process may go wrong in some cases if it is not performed under experienced supervision.

Does the OJS upgrade affect the functioning of website themes?

Yes, this may happen with the custom theme or default themes. So, it requires thorough checks after the upgrade.