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Migrate to OJS from any platform

Migration means if you are using any other Journal platform and you would like to move to Open Journal System then this process is called Migration. We can help you to migrate not just your papers but also publishers, their links, and all the SEO settings. Over 10000+ leading journals are using the Open Journal System these days. OJS has proven architecture for peer-reviewed journals & as per guidelines given by leading indexers (i.e WOS, Scopus). This architecture helps OJS to get indexed your online research papers very quickly for the public indexers.

Extend Open Journal System functionality with OJS Plugin Development

Open Journal Systems (OJS) is an open source journal management system developed in PHP language with MySQL as a database. As it is called open source, anyone can change the code of this journal management software to meet their own journal website needs. OJS has the best modular architecture, allowing anyone to extend the existing OJS functionality or implement new functionality without affecting the core files (so do not face issues with future OJS updates). To extend the functionalities in OJS, PKP has created incredible modular architecture. This modular section called Plugin.

At OJSCloud, we are experts in developing plugins to extend the Open Journal System at any level you need. We follow standard OJS website practices which do not affect your core functionality or files.

OJS Customization services

  • Customize Editorial Workflow

    Do not compromise with your well defined workflow. In place adjust your journal management software to fit with your workflow. We can help you to change the editorial workflow in your OJS website to fit with your own workflow.
  • OJS Functionality modifications

    It is not always possible that readymade journal software functionalities fit with your journal needs or journal websites. It usually needs some customization to specific functionality. Here at OJSCloud, we can help you to customize the OJS functionality as per your need or we can implement a new one by extending existing OJS functionality. In all of the above cases, it is assured that such customization should not affect the core functionality of the OJS and keep it future OJS updates read.
  • OJS Plugin Development

    Open Journal System offers modular architecture to extend the functionality. This modular section is called – OJS Plugin which is a small snippet of code. At OJSCloud we can help you in development of a new OJS Plugin to extend the functionality you want with your OJS Journal setup or add a new OJS feature which doesn’t exist anywhere.
  • OJS API Integration

    Open Journal System offers APIs to expose OJS data to third party applications or collect data from third party applications to OJS Journal. API is a bridge between 2 different applications to allow one to inherit the functionality of others. Using OJS API, we can connect your OJS website to any third party services, applications or CMS to automate the data synchronization between them.
  • OJS Mobile APP Development

    There are very few Journals who are using mobile apps for their Journal website. Here at OJSCloud we are working ahead of the curve and offering the OJS mobile app solutions to customers. Using mobile apps, not just your journal becomes mobile, but it helps you make your whole editorial process mobile to be accessible anywhere anytime. With decades of experience in mobile app development, we can help you package your whole journal into a small mobile screen for millenials who are mobile savvy.

Why OJSCloud for Plugin Development

  • Decade of development experience
  • Worked with more than 100 APIs so far
  • Deep knowledge of OJS architecture
  • Working on some interesting plugins to be launched very soon

Get Mobile Responsive OJS Themes for Free with OJS Hosting

Open Journal System is a free and open source journal management system released under the open source GPL v2. Initially started by PKP and later backed by a big community who continue to provide their contribution to make OJS best journal software available on planet.

Open Journal System has implemented great modular architecture for the OJS themes. OJS using parent-child templates mechanism which can help upgrade the OJS theme easier then ever and which makes OJS as the most flexible and reliable open source journal management system for your future update.

At OJSCloud, we are expert in providing both custom designed OJS themes & Pre-designed pool of OJS themes.

  • Custom designed OJS themes
    Such themes are designed specially for you as per your choice and industry to give your journal website a unique look. In this way, we will confirm the designs before integrating it with OJS and only after you are happy with designs we move ahead and setup OJS with this design. These themes are most light weight, mobile responsive and fast in performance.
  • Ready-made OJS themes
    Based on some research, we have created a pool of few readymade OJS themes which can be used for any type of Journal setup with different color combinations of your choice. These OJS themes are exclusively available for our OJS hosting customers only without any cost.

Some of our OJS themes

Why OJSCloud for OJS themes?

The main reason to choose our OJS themes for your Journal website is – We have decade of experience in working with different dominated front end CMS technologies like Open Journal System and which helped us to create unique OJS themes which are not just good in look but super fast in terms of performance and followed with all the standard practices..

  • Most optimized themes to boost performance of your Journal website
  • For OJS Hosting customers it is totally free to use
  • We are one of the trendsetters in giving a new look to Journals built in the Open Journal System.
  • Unique custom designed OJS theme to give totally fresh and unique look to your Journal website
  • Coming soon with some more modern OJS themes

Upgrade to OJS 3 for your Open Journal System & get latest OJS updates

The Public Knowledge Project has developed an open source Journal Management system called Open Journal Systems (OJS) under the open source GPL v2 license for managing and publishing scholarly.

Though it provides tutorials and videos about Journal setup through OJS and upgrading OJS, it is still a little difficult for non-technical people to manage it.

So we at OJSCloud, help Journal owners to setup journals with OJS, Help them to upgrade the current Open Journal System to OJS 3, and migrate to OJS from another platform..

Open Journal System Setup

OJS is open source and anyone can use it. PKP has done their best on creating instructions and videos to setup journals using OJS but still, the installation of OJS requires little technical knowledge.

We setup Journal using an open journal system with simplicity and transparency and make sure that your journals have the fastest load time with our advanced cloud OJS hosting. We strive to add features to your journal publishing process to give the best user experience to visitors and increase your journal readership as much as possible. We offer you the choice of a Free OJS theme in our pool.

We help you publish your journals quickly and effortlessly and attract the community of scholars right after publishing. We aim to make your OJS Websites look professional and of high quality to the readers. With OJS, Indexing of Journals to various leading indexers (i.e Google Scholar) is very quick compared to other platforms, and with our managed OJS hosting this becomes even faster.

OJS Upgrade

Maintaining your Open Journal System through regular updates is an obligatory procedure to make sure that the installed ojs is optimized and is secured against fraudulent activities. Upgrading your OJS ensures that you get the maximum benefits of additional features such as the mobile support and security of your online journals through OJS Updates. Upgrading your OJS is also recommended by the top Google Scholars.

OJS Upgrades from OJS 2 to OJS 3 involve several complex procedures and are usually performed by experienced professionals with enormous technical knowledge to achieve success and run your OJS websites smoothly. Our OJS experts undertake your OJS upgrade with the utmost care and make sure that you do not come up with any problems in the future.

With OJS Hosting you do not have to worry about OJS Upgrade tasks, because we keep the OJS up-to-date on our servers to make you worry-free about OJS upgrades and their consequences.

Benefits you get with OJS Upgrades

  • Modern user experience : OJS 3 comes with modern theme architecture which help designing mobile responsive OJS themes
  • Advanced functionality : PKP and the whole community is doing their best to keep adding new demanded functionality needed for the publishing industry time by time and with OJS upgrades you will keep getting these functionality ongoing.
  • Security up-to-date : Security is a major concern for the research journals and this has been seriously taken care of by PKP through their regular OJS updates for security to keep OJS secure against the latest attacks.
  • Reliability of application : With significant improvement in ingredient technologies used for OJS, OJS also needs to keep up-to-date to be compatible with these technologies. PKP and the community have always been upfront on advancing OJS compatibility with the external environment through frequent OJS updates.
  • Extraordinary performance : Experience and performance becomes a key indicator for any OJS website these days and this has been very well taken care of in every OJS update released. Along with fixing bugs, the community also focuses on getting rid of slow moving components out of the application to make OJS websites faster.

New Journal setup service using Open Journal System (OJS 3)

Many Researchers/Professors or Publication houses are willing to start their own Journal to contribute to their country’s research & knowledge. But still they are facing difficulties in setting up Journals.You know why? Because of these reasons :

  • Lack of knowledge in utilization available open source journal management system
  • Scattered information on new Journal setup
  • The guideline published from various indexers (for indexing of journals) or regional research body (to get authenticity) is not simplified
  • Have to pay hefty amounts to start new journal and maintain it

We at OJSCloud believe that :

Technology must be affordable, easily accessible and should create values for society.”

With this belief we came up with a bunch of services and technology for the Journal Management System. Here are the services we came up to become one stop solution to start your own Journal.

One stop services for Journal Management System

  • Help you setup Journal
  • Help you get initial papers to apply and get ISSN for Journal
  • Affordable Advanced Journal hosting which makes you worry free about security, indexing of journal and updates to your Journal websites
  • Most affordable pay as you go Editorial services to manage your Journal back office process
  • Close support as your own team to guide you starting to deployment of Journal

To fulfill above services with keeping our belief in mind, we came up with an open source journal management system called – Open Journal System (OJS).

What is the Open Journal System (OJS)?

The Open Journal Systems (OJS) created by the Public Knowledge Project (or known as OJS PKP) is an open source journal management system released under the open source GPL v2 license for managing and publishing scholarly journals. It was developed by PKP in 2001 to improve access to research which later became the most widely used open source journal management system with over 10,000 journals using it worldwide.

Why Open Journal System (OJS) ?

  • Open source Journal management system which allows you to customize it any level
  • Mobile Responsive frontend with the selection of free OJS themes or customise design as needed
  • Most easiest editorial workflow of Open Journal System is widely accepted due to its flexibility and configurable approach
  • Online submission submission of paper and management of all papers
  • Integrated with scholarly publishing services such as Crossref, ORCiD, and DOAJ
  • Highly Recommended by Google Scholar for ease of indexing of journals and discoverability
  • Supported by rich community
  • Multilingual Journal setup with translated over 30 languages
  • Easy to understand user guides and tutorial videos available

Why OJSCloud for Open Journal System

The main reason to choose us for your Journal website is – We know your pain and cure of it very well. With a decade of mixed experiences in the information technologies & publication industry help us create the offerings which are unique, reliable, affordable and authentic for the Journal owners.

  • Setup Journal in days not months with close support to get ISSN for Journal
  • Utilization of modern edge open source technologies to lower customer cost
  • OJS Hosting with advanced cloud servers which makes you worry free about OJS updates, OJS security, Indexing of Journals and many more.
  • We are one of Trendsetter to give new look to Journals with Free OJS Themes for your OJS websites
  • Proficient in customizing OJS and plugin development for the OJS websites to achieve the functionality beyond its limitations.
  • Coming soon with value added services like Plagiarism checking, access to reviewer network and much more

We have a proven process of starting your own Journal. It is just a 4 step process as presented below.