Start a journal with Open Journal System: Step by Step

Many people talk about different systems of journals, but nobody talks much about how to start a new journal.

Therefore, we will talk in-depth about this topic, so you know the steps to follow to start your open-access journal using Open Journal System (OJS).
First, you should know it is easy and simple once you understand the working method. For these reasons, at OJSCloud, we want to explain quickly and easily how a system of this type works for a scientific journal publication.

Before knowing the indexing of the journal process, we should talk about how to begin the process. Given this, we describe a series of steps so you can have a better understanding.

Step 1 – Finding out the name of the journal and the area of research

The first thing an investigator or research center needs to do is know that they will investigate.

Learn how to setup new journal

That is the area of knowledge of the journal to develop the appropriate content. Next, they must be able to choose a good name that will allow them to position themselves in cyberspace and develop the selected area of knowledge.

This will allow the research professionals to develop all the knowledge ramifications for generating new studies.

Also, to contribute new knowledge that will generate new research questions and, therefore, new articles for the journal.

This will also give additional prestige to the research team because they will be very specific in developing the research that will be included in the scientific journal.

Step 2 – Obtain the ISSN for the journal

The scientific journal needs to gain great credibility and support worldwide. For this purpose, it would require an ISSN record to be able to say that its contents are original and have the authenticity of the case.

Obtain the ISSN for the journal

For these reasons, Open Journal System websites allow one to develop an editorial process by requesting the ISSN for the journal.

At the same time, they allow the development of any journal theme that allows the personalization and further professionalization of the content of the scientific journal.

Therefore, obtaining an ISSN for a journal will allow the publishing house and the researchers to obtain the credibility and prestige that scientific work needs.

Step 3 – Find an excellent editorial team

This step is very important if you use a journal management system. The teams are highly trained to help you in the step-by-step editing of the scientific journal to obtain the best possible result.

The team is highly experienced to be able to advise you at any point you require, and only you worry about research.

Also, the editorial team is to provide all the necessary suggestions regarding changes that may be required by the scientific journal, as well as the process of its construction.

Find an excellent editorial team

This makes the journal setup process very friendly. It combines experience with a high domain of technological systems and cloud processes.

Build an excellent website with a peer review admin panel of OJSCloud as per world norms and standards.

All Open Journal System websites can provide a high level of investigative expertise.
This is due to the standardization of their processes, which align with worldwide standards.

This would give the scientific journal more credibility and greater transparency regarding the results of its studies.

It would also standardize the search process for researchers who consult the scientific journal.

It will automatically that many people will want to search the scientific journal you are running to get the necessary knowledge in it.

Automated website with SMS, email support, and online publication

The advantages of having a website of this nature also allow you to automate many processes.

Among this, you can automate your Website with SMS and emails. You can also make your publication online, allowing more speed to the information in cyberspace.

Research houses and independent researchers have a very powerful tool called an open journal System.

It makes all this indexation of journals possible, allowing the greatest generation of knowledge.

Define all policies about an open journal system

The next step in this guide is to define the entire policy of the scientific journal.

This means that the support team will advise you to define all existing guidelines in the research process.

This will give your organization or house of studies a better guide to share the knowledge of the journal.

It also establishes the guidelines of the privacy policies and the use of the data concentrated in the magazine. This is also very important in terms of plagiarism and copyright issues.

It also provides guidelines for the research or consultation process, greatly enriching the experience between who consults the data and who provides it.

Licensing and indexing open journal system

This is another important advantage that every beginner should know when editing a scientific journal. Licensing allows for greater credibility and transparency in the research process results.

It also sets the guidelines for indexing the journal editing process and the infrastructure according to the Scopus and WOS guidelines, to name a few.

Advertise your journal

This guide can not miss the promotion component needed to publicize the journal.

Every researcher or university that wants to position itself in cyberspace must consider what the scientific journal needs to be promoted.

To this end, the Open Journal System websites have all the infrastructure that will allow them to be promoted among the most prestigious communities of researchers.

This is a very important detail in becoming known as a scientific journal.

A Journal Management System allows you to organize all the information properly to give the best possible appearance for the journal. This would facilitate its promotion process in cyberspace.

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