What is OJS (Open Journal System) and How Does it Work?

Any Open Journal System (OJS) is a valuable tool for better managing scientific content. There is no better way to advance globally than to be able to organize knowledge appropriately.

That is to say, then, that no matter how valuable a compendium of information is, if it is not organized, valuable work for humanity could be lost.

For these reasons, journal management systems are important in scientific development. Their importance also lies in the fact that the contents are rigorously reviewed to be published for the knowledge of all.

In this sense, the management of this type of knowledge is thanks to the existence of open sources to manage the information.

What is an Open Journal System (OJS)?

Open Journal system (OJS)

In an open-source system that allows us to manage, review, and organize all scientific content for later publication. Everything is handled by an editor located in servers to manage the contents better.

Open Journal System (OJS) is also a system that helps train people so that they can assemble their journals in a very professional way.

This is also important if you consider all the guidelines issued by Scopus and WOS. All these are the protocols to follow to take a scientific journal from 0 to publication and its ISSN.

Why is the Open Journal System (OJS) so popular?

The first reason is that the open-source system available for journal publishing is extremely easy to use. This simplifies all the old practices that make it so difficult sometimes to set up a research journal.

Open Journal System (OJS) is also very popular because this system contains all the information to index the journal according to the current regulations. In addition, all the indexing of journals needed to be professional work.

Another reason is that an accompanying technical support team helps the researcher step by step in setting up his or her journal on Open Journal System.

The maintenance costs of the Open Journal System are very low. This allows researchers to create their own research journals and maintain them.

Open Journal System has a system to obtain the authenticity of the content duly registered and valid worldwide.

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In fact, more than 10,000 journals have used Open Journal System (OJS) worldwide since its creation in 2001, and it is the most widely used open-source journal management system to date. It is a program that can be used, downloaded, and changed freely and without charge.

All these elements make open journal systems so well known to researchers and an effective solution for publishing.

What other advantages does an Open Journal System (OJS) have?

Open access to science is related to the free availability of research content on the Internet, mainly journal articles. In other words, individuals cannot only consult them for free but also download, copy, and print them.

We are talking about a model of dissemination of scientific knowledge that envisages an extreme transformation in the performance of scientific communication.

To achieve this change in thinking, finding all authors or publishing in open-access journals (the so-called golden route) would be necessary. They should also archive articles published in commercial journals in repositories (the “green route”). In this way, using these two complementary sources or tactics, it could be found that open access to science is total.

The virtues of this new model are different, and we have the possibility to group them into three huge sections. 

First of all, making available in open access the results of exploration and scientific publications is a remarkable optimization of the performance of scientific communication. All this is due to the fact that the use of the contents is increased (as they are accessible without barriers). This optimizes the quality of research and allows for a clear cost reduction.

Secondly, open income also directly benefits society by allowing a direct transfer of knowledge to a cheap and popular environment. In addition, barriers between rich and poor countries are dissolved.

Thirdly, open source allows for the reuse of information and data. This is because the contents cede some exploitation rights with which they can build up derived goods and services. However, let’s know a little bit about these benefits:

They offer a lot of accessibility. This means that most scientific journals stored in this database do not require any payment from the reader. This also allows all authors to address a wider audience without incurring greater expense for that purpose. And you also allow the author to reach everywhere with his or her articles and thus allow everyone to read your scientific contributions. 

Speed: The speed with which information travels is also important as scientific knowledge reaches everywhere. This allows OJS to give people results immediately. 

Stimulating more knowledge: When a service of this kind works well, it motivates various researchers to want to contribute at the interface. This generates simultaneously that the fields of exploration are interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary for the good of science. 

Visibility of the creator and the institution he or she represents: The greater the number of eligible people, the greater the popularity of the author and the institution he or she represents. This improves their participatory profile in the world of research. As a result, funding agencies that support research can get a large and prominent database of researchers.

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Is Open Journal System (OJS) useful to researchers?

This tool has grown enormously worldwide. According to KPS figures, Open Journal System (OJS) has grown exponentially over the years.

Location of Journals using Open Journal System

We’re talking about a 12% annual increase, according to the statistics, at least until 2018. All this has left such surprising numbers that different portals dedicated to this topic have been opened on the web.

Now, scientists have technological tools to enhance and share their knowledge with the world.

Why OJSCloud for Open Journal System (OJS)?

This service is vital for the successful publication of a scientific journal. This is because the information is kept in a secure, reliable manner and with the authenticity required by this type of document.

This means that the information is stored in the cloud, and at the same time, several servers are providing you with the data security you are looking for for your scientific journal.

At the same time, it allows you to have high-performance servers that allow all this. As a result, you will get at the same time 99.99% uptime with no server difficulties.

This also means that you will be able to do server maintenance, backups, and system updates. This also protects you from unforeseen events that may occur in your daily routine. But that’s not all; with Open Journal System (OJS) you can also get the following benefits by being part of this project: 

New Journal Setup: This modality allows both researchers and publishers to start their journals in the best way. This allows them not only to use the system to set up their journal easily but also to apply for the ISSN for the journal at no additional cost.

Advanced OJS Hosting in Cloud: This service gives users the security, speed, and accessibility required by any high-profile researcher to produce their scientific journal.

OJS Setup & Upgrade: This feature allows you to generate automatic updates of the scientific journal so that it is always at the forefront. Likewise, it also offers a journal configuration service (OJS 2 and OJS 3) that will allow its configuration and performance in terms of security and optimization.

OJS Theme Development: This feature allows the researcher to develop the appearance of his or her journal setup in the best way. In fact, this type of design is adapted so that the user has a great experience either from his computer or from his smartphone

OJS Plugin Development: This feature allows researchers and publishers to develop custom plugins for their scientific journals. If customers want to extend their functionality using the OJS plugin or integrate it using the OJS API with their internal system, it is possible with an OJS.

OJS Training: That means that people are trained to go through the process of publishing their scientific journal step by step.

Journal Editorial Services: This feature allows you to manage all your editorial services needs. Also, the construction of digital/physical certificates for the authors.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be able to publish your scientific journal professionally and effectively.

Customize any stage of editing your journal and even request your ISSN to give greater prestige to your work.

Trust in the advances of technology and how this can help you generate important contributions to your country or your University Research Center.

Ask about our services. Know all the advantages of an open-source journal system to publish all your scientific findings. Get the security, and reliability, and guarantee that your research work will be unique and highly professional with OJScloud.

We have a dedicated expert team for OJS setup. Within a short period, we can make your journal website live on OJS.

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