What is DOI and Why is it Important in Scholarly Publishing?

As you know, digitization is penetrating the whole world due to the internet’s widespread and unavoidable nature. It doesn’t matter in which industry you are in you need to know What is DOI? whether you want it or not, you will have to accept the influence and importance of computers and specifically the internet in your work/business/enterprise/organization/product.

Concerning the aforementioned initialization, it would not be early to point out the area of interest here: “what is DOI?”, and “research paper publication” to open access journals, which is far from digitizing. As a result, I would simply answer the question “what is doi?”: It is some arrangement/mechanism that makes the task simpler and easy to access the research document from the deep sea of the “World Wide Web (WWW)”.

what is doi?

You can also put it like this, to answer what is DOI? DOI will bring the research fraternity even closer around the globe. If you ask me, “is it compulsory for each and every digital document to have DOI?” My answer would be no. The reason for saying this is that, as of now, DOI is not mandatory, but it is much better. Attaching DOI with the research documents will boost your citation count and contribute more to the betterment of humanity. It is a win-win situation.

To summarize, it would be good to write here: “DOI resolves the problem of finding research documents online at the fingertips”.

So what is DOI?

what is DOI

It is a non-repetitive, and constant group of characters, numbers, symbols, special characters and words, linked with online journals, articles, books and many more intellectual digital works for a perpetual time period.

It works as a permanent web address just as a URL for research papers/articles/books, like any other website URL. By clicking on it, an authorized person can access the e-resources online very quickly, without thinking about other complexity.

So, I think we have had enough discussion over the answer to the question “what is DOI?” multiple times and you made your mind clear about the same question what is DOI? So Now we should know more about the DOI in subsequent sections.

What does DOI look like?

It is just like some type of hyperlinks, for example:

  • doi:10.1080/8585748585.2022.1770549

Which types of digital documents can have DOI?

DOI can be attached to;

Journal Details
  1. academic journal articles 
  2. research reports 
  3. governmental reports
  4. data sets
  5. books
  6. conference proceedings
  7. code
  8. media 

Why is DOI needed for research articles?

it is a unique dangling identifier for online research articles/books/papers, or documents. It is used for permanently citing the documents in the ocean of www. 

Why is DOI needed for research articles?

You may say research articles can be accessed via the publisher-provided link, but what happens if the publisher’s website may lose its domain or may find some technical problems in hosting?

In the above-discussed situation, the document cannot be accessed via the link provided by the publisher. In such a scenario, DOI is the only solution for accessing the document on the World Wide Web. DOIs make it easier to retrieve your digital document.

We can say that DOI is more stable than normal web links.

How to find DOI in an online research paper?

How to find DOI in an online research paper

Generally, you can have a DOI link underneath the research paper title, but this position is not fixed for each and every journal. Sometimes you can also find the DOI in the footer as well. It is totally dependent upon the journal management authorities where they want to place it. The only concern is that it must be easily visible to any visitor.  

What if you do not find DOI in a research article?

Insert relevant information like article title/author into the metadata field on.

find DOI in a research

How to get a DOI?

International DOI Foundation is responsible for managing the body of the DOI. Several DOI agencies have affiliation and homologation with the International DOI Foundation, the end touch point for the DOI creation. To get the DOI, you must find the service providers, such as OJSCloud, India’s leading DOI provider. They are the official sponsored partner of crossref (one of the registration agencies for the International DOI Foundation). It assigns DOIs to scholarly research publications.

OJSCloud is official sponsored partner of Crossref to provide DOI. Contact us today to get DOI.



To summarize, it would not be wrong to say that DOI is a very important and unavoidable mechanism for online research papers/articles, which helps to find them easily from WWW for an infinite period of time. In the modern era of digitization, not attaching DOI with an online research paper is just like shouting about your research work in the assembly of the deaf.

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