How to Deposit Crossref DOI?

If you are reading this blog, you might be intending to know how DOI can be generated for research articles or any digital object. If this is not the case, you might be landed on this page to learn about the DOI or to know what is doi. For the second case, I suggest you visit my detailed blog, which emphasizes What is DOI?. By reading this blog, your entire idea regarding DOI will be 100% cleared.

In the subsequent section to just get a basic idea about what is DOI to be clear, I am giving an introduction on what is DOI within 4-5 sentences. Please read it first so that you can understand the concept of “what is DOI” and then go for the actual steps.

In brief: What is DOI?

what is doi
what is doi?

A Digital Object Identifier is a unique alphanumeric string assigned to a digital object, such as a journal article, book, or dataset. This string provides a persistent link to the digital object, ensuring it can be found and accessed even if the web address or URL changes. This string consists of a prefix and a suffix, separated by a forward slash, that identifies the object and provides a link to it. For example, the Digital Object Identifier for the article might look like Now I think you have enough idea about what is DOI. I am sure that now you can take part in any discussion regarding what is done.

If you already know what is DOI?, let’s directly move on to the DOI deposition steps. The reason for discussing what is doi? in detail was necessary to clear your idea. I would only discuss the steps of generating DOI with Crossref throughout this blog. I have taken one journal article as a digital object for which I will generate the DOI. Before proceeding with the actual process steps, let’s discuss a few prerequisites in the next section. 

what is doi
Crossref Sponsored Partner


For depositing the DOI, you need to have either of below stated two types of associations with the Crossref. We can also name these associations as a type of user account opened with the Crossref. You are also required to know what is doi?

How to Deposit Crossref DOI? 1
Crossref Memberships

Association Type – 1: Independent membership

To apply as an independent member, kindly click on the link . Then, follow the instructions and insert the relevant information in the prescribed format. 

How to Deposit Crossref DOI? 2
Independent membership application

This association will cost you on the higher side. You must pay USD 275/Year to Crossref for this membership. For more detail on the pricing, I am penning down the link here; please click on it: 

How to Deposit Crossref DOI? 3
Crossref Membership Fees

The time taken to open this account will require too much time. It also requires submitting a lot of documents as well. All in all, this is a complex and time-consuming task. Therefore, I suggest you go for this association with Crossref only if you have higher DOI requirements. Otherwise, go for the second option stated below. 

Association Type – 2: Membership via a Sponsor

In case of a few or occasional DOI requirements, I suggest you go for the membership via sponsors. But you may ask a question: how can I find such Crossref Sponsors? To solve this problem, I am giving you the link to find the Crossref Sponsors from your local region:

If you are searching for an official sponsored Crossref partner in India, Sequence R&D is a well-known solution provider. For more details regarding DOI pricing, please click below.

Get DOI >>
Crossref Sponsored Member India

These official Crossref-sponsored partners are eligible to enroll members beneath their sponsorship. However, they can charge you for applying via them to Crossref. The charges may vary depending on the region or members to members.

How to Deposit Crossref DOI? 4
Crossref Membership under the Sponsored Partner

Approaching steps for applying under a sponsored member

  • Contact sponsored members via email and brief them on your requirements.
  • Give them exact numbers of DOI requirements along with the type of digital objects.
  • Sponsored members revert with pricing and annual subscription charges.
  • Upon positive confirmation from your end as well as sponsored members’ end, the sponsored member will ask for further detailed relevant information about your journal or another digital object. 
  • The sponsored member will apply for your membership and will receive your Crossref user account credentials. After which, you will be provided with a username and password for your Crossref account. Keep this username and password safe and secure because you will need this while generating the DOI for your digital objects.

Step-by-Step Guide: For Depositing DOI in Crossref

To deposit/generate the DOI for a particular article or entire volume, please follow the below-mentioned steps. For reference purposes, we have created the DOI for the following digital object.

Journal Volume: Jorangrau April-June 2022

Weblink of Digital Object:

Step-1: Collect Journal & Article Information as shown in the sample screenshot.

Step-1.1: Journal Information

  • Journal DOI: You Can Skip
  • Journal URL: You Can Skip
  • Print ISSN: 0970-0226
  • Elect ISSN: You Can Skip
  • Volume: 50
  • Issue: 02
  • Issue DOI: You Can Skip
  • Issue URL: You Can Skip
  • Type Print (Date): Year: 2022 | Month: 09 | Day: 01
  • Type Online (Date): You Can Skip

Mandatory Data Required for the Journal

  1. Journal Title
  2. Journal Abbreviation
  3. One ISSN (Print or Electronic)
  4. A Publication Year (Print or Electronic)

Step-1.2: Article Information

  • Article Title: BIOEFFICACY OF Metarhizium (Nomuraea) rileyi ON PROTEIN PROFILE DURING EMBRYOGENESIS OF Helicoverpa armigera (HUBNER)
  • Author 1 First Name: A. M.
  • Author 1 Last Name: MOMIN
  • Author 1 Organization: P.G. Department of Zoology, Yashavantrao Chavan Institute of Science, Shivaji University, Kolhapur- 416 012
  • Author 2 First Name: S. P.
  • Author 2 Last Name: NALAWADE
  • Author 2 Organization: P.G. Department of Zoology, Yashavantrao Chavan Institute of Science, Shivaji University, Kolhapur- 416 012
  • Abstract: Entamopathogenic fungi, Metarhizium rileyi is one of the promising alternative over chemical insecticides for the management of a most serious polyphagus pest, H. armigera. Metarhizium rileyi was tested for their median lethal concentrations (LC50) and qualitative proteins against Helicoverpa armigera was carried out at Research laboratory, P.G. Department of Zoology, YashvantaraoChavan Institute of Science,Sataraunder Shivaji University, Kolhapur in 2019.
  • DOI*: 10.58537/angrau2 (This will become the DOI for this article. Note: after your dedicated prefix you can write your choice of word. For example you can write 10.58537/angrau33_research-article).
  • URL*: Note: This is the web link (URL) of the article/volume page for which you are depositing/generating DOI.
  • First Page: 1 (First Page of the Article in volume)
  • Last Page: 9 (Last Page of the Article in volume)

Mandatory Data Required for the Article

  1. A deposit must include at least one article.
  2. Article Title
  3. Article DOI
  4. Article URL

Step-2: Fill out the Web Deposit Form

Click on the URL  (of Crossref web deposit form). Now you will see the DOI web deposit form as shown in the screenshot.

Step-2.1: Use the collected information in Step-1.1 to fill this form and click on the button “Add Articles”.

How to Deposit Crossref DOI? 5

Step-2.2: Now article information form will be opened. Use the collected information in Step-1.2 to fill out this form. Then click on the button “Finish”. See the below given screenshot for better clarity.

How to Deposit Crossref DOI? 6

Step-3: Use your login credentials

Now you will be redirected to the Crossref user login page. Insert concerned credentials, received from your sponsored agency and log in.

How to Deposit Crossref DOI? 7

Step-4: Provide Your Email ID

Insert desired email id and click on deposit. Make sure to use an email id ending with β€œ” or β€œ”. Because the system will not accept other email id formats like β€œ”. Click on the button “Deposit“.

How to Deposit Crossref DOI? 8

Step-5: Final Check for DOI

Your DOI has been generated which you provided during the article information insertion in Step-2.2. To check whether the generated DOI is working or not follow the below steps:

  • Copy DOI links 10.58537/angrau2 and Paste it into the new tab.
  • Write β€œ” before 10.58537/angrau2.
  • Which will make your entire link look like this: and press enter.
  • Now you will see your article or whole volume.

How to Deposit Crossref DOI? 9

Step-6: Check Your Provided Email

Check your provided email inbox in Step-4 for the confirmation and XML file. You will get 2 separate emails.

How to Deposit Crossref DOI? 10

Complete Video Guide for Depositing DOI in Crossref.

How to deposit Crossref DOI? How to generate Crossref DOI?


In today’s digital age, where the amount of research and data being produced is constantly increasing, a DOI has become an essential tool for researchers, publishers, and institutions to manage their scholarly content effectively. So, everyone needs to know what is doi. By assigning a DOI, authors can ensure their work is accessible, discoverable, and easily cited, thus enhancing its impact and facilitating its dissemination. Overall, understanding what is DOI and how to deposit it in Crossref can make a significant difference in the success and visibility of scholarly work.

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